Our Vision and Structure
The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage

The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage (CACHe) is a non-profit conservation group which aims at promoting the conservation of history, cultures and heritages in Hong Kong. It organizes different kinds of activities for schools, communities and the public in order to raise the social awareness of heritage conservation. Moreover, CACHe provides teaching assistance to teachers and students, organizes workshops, cultural tours and featured seminars with the aim to facilitate the teaching of the General Education and History subjects in various education syllabuses.

CACHe locates at the Western District Community Centre which is formerly the Western Plague Hospital and Western Public Dispensary, also used as staff quarter of Tsan Yuk Hospital. The building was founded in 1909 and has been rated as a Grade II historic building in Hong Kong. Thanks to the generous donation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, CACHe was able to carry out renovations that furnished itself with an exhibition hall, a multi-functional visual studio and a library etc and thus greatly enhance the quality of services.

Over the past year, CACHe has organized more than a hundred of activities and exhibitions with the support from different sectors in the community as well as local and overseas media. Heritage conservation is a long-term commitment. CACHe will continuously strive to commit itself in diverse conservation projects and promote the idea of heritage conservation to the public.

  Board of Directors

Chairman_Dr. Hung Wing Tat
Vice Chairman_Dr. Law Wai Yi, Winnie
Honorary Secretary _ Mr. Wu Yim Chung
Honorary Treasurer _ Mr. Yick Wing Fat, Simon
Directors _ Dr. Leung Ping Wa_Mr. Chan Chit Kwai, Stephen_Ms. Ho Siu Fong, Betty_Mr. Lai Kwong Tak, Albert_Mr. Lam Kin Lai_Ms. Woo Kwok Ping,Lucy _Mr. So Kwok Yin, Ken_Mr. CHAN Hiu Fun, Ivan_Dr. Lee Ho Yin_Mr. Chan Chi Yuen

Honorary Legal Advisor

Ms. May Tsui

Honorary Auditor

Albert S C Young & Co Certified Public Accountants


Executive Director _ Mr. Lau Kwok Wai
Assistant Executive Director _ Mr. Wong King Chung
Communications Manager _ Ms. Wong Hoi Yan
Assistant Project Manager _ Ms. Chan Tik Wah
Senior Project Officer _ Mr. Lau Tian You
Project Officer _ Mr. Leung Yin Shing
Project Officer _ Ms. Chu Wing Kwan
Project Officer _ Mr. Wong Chi Pong
Project Officer _ Ms. Lo Sin Ying
Social Worker _ Ms. Shao Wan Xin